Scope and Topics

2018 International Conference on Food Science and Technology (FOSciTech), Topics of interest for presentation in FOSciTech include,  but not limited to:

  1. Sustainable Agriculture: organic farming, multiple cropping, agroecology, nature conservation, preserved natural resources.
  2. Food Quality, Safety, and Policy: food diversification, food control, food safety system management, availability and adequacy of energy, protein, and micronutrients, food standard and nutrition policies.
  3. Food Availability: food supply, food processing and preservation, functional food, production, import, and food reserves, agricultural infrastructure, loss of food, storage of agricultural products, industrial revolution strengthening of food field.
  4. Food Access: economic access, physical, social and education, credit for farmers, food safety networking programs, agricultural import price.
  5. Food Utilization: food and nutrition consumption, sanitation and water availability, health services, education level of housewives, communication and nutrition counseling, food and health.
  6. Food Sovereignty: local food policy and development, food marketing, food system policy: land, production, distribution, and farmer institutions.